A few weeks ago I photographed a gorgeous mama to be and her family. It was the perfectly beautiful night with the sun shining. I used to shy away from family sessions, but they have quickly become my favourite and I love capturing pregnant woman as they anticipate the arrival of their little one. It is even better when you can make it a family session because the family unit is about to change and there is definitely something bittersweet about that. It is great to capture the family as it once was before it gains a new member and a once only child becomes an older sibling.

This family could not be any more photogenic! Sweet Mr. H has to be the most photogenic tot ever. He was such a sweet heart and quickly warmed up to my antics. I’m sharing many shots from this session, which gives you an idea of what a full session (almost, not quite!) looks like.

Surrey Family Photographer

Surrey Maternity Photographer

It has been way too long since I blogged! I do share frequently on facebook as it just seems to be the go to place for people to go and look and I can’t deny it is way more convenient. However, I have way too many shots from a recent family session to share on facebook and figured now would be a great time to make a blog post with them all. I used to shy away from family sessions because they do have their challenges, but I can definitely say they have become my favorite. I love capturing the love between parents and their kids. Nothing excudes more love in photographs than mom’s and dad’s loving on their kids. Spring is such a great time to get outdoors. The weather here on the Pacific Northwest has been absolutely amazing this Spring, this May day was no different. We had a great time on this gorgeous evening. Check out this beautiful family.

Langley Family Photographer

Another year has come to a close and so has another year of photography. I have taken on less client’s the past few years as I focus my time and energy on my own daughter (not to mention I also still work full time as an RN). However, I have had the opportunity to photograph some beautiful families and children in 2014. Most of my photography though has been of my own little one and as such most of my 2014 include her.

The end of this year marks my seven year anniversary with an SLR. Seven years ago this crazy passion and obsession began and I haven’t looked back since. It is hard for me to even remember a time where I wasn’t obsessed with capturing the world around me in the most beautiful way I could. I have grown leaps and bounds in that time, but as an artist will never be truly happy with where I am at and am constantly striving to be better and learn new things. This past year I have focused a bit more on capturing moment’s as they happen and as a result have some treasured images of my daughter growing through from baby to toddler.

Here is a random collection of the highlights of 2014 for Trina Lianne Photography and of course of my own sweet pea.

Thanks to all my clients this year! I hope to see you all again in 2015. Cheers!

Langley Photography

Surrey BC Photographer

Vancouver Family Photographer

I took my little lovey to Taves Family Apple Barn last week to pick our own apples. She absolutely loved it and I’m pretty sure she ate at least two or three apples during the process. It is a great place to take little kids in the Fall. They have animals, a pumpkin patch, corn maze, apple picking and a bunch of other fun family activities. We will definitely be going back closer to halloween to go and pick out our pumpkin.

Here are some shots from our quick trip to the orchard :)

Taves Apple Barn


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing baby #3 for one of my favorite families. This little sweetie is the youngest sister to a big brother and a big sister. I have photographed all three of them now as newborns and they all are just so adorable. My friends sure make adorable babies!

Miss L was an amazing sleeper and we were finished her session in record time. If you look closely you will spot something unique in Miss L, that not many newborns have….

Did you find it?………..

Two adorable perfect little teeth! I’m a bit used to seeing newborns with teeth because my own little lovey was born with a tooth as well, but it is in fact quite rare (they estimate only 1/2000 newborns are born with teeth). It may be rare, but it is perfectly normal as well. I think it looks pretty darn cute too!

Enjoy a large share of this cutie. I couldn’t narrow it down, so shared many.

Langley Newborn Photography


Back in June I photographed my cousins little guys on a beautiful evening at a Surrey park. I absolutely love shooting backlight outdoors right when the sun is starting to go down. Unfortunately it is usually too late for small kidlets by the time the lighting is at its best, but we brought the kids out and captured the beauty while we could! The benefit of shooting family is I can bring my sweet pea with me and she had fun hanging out with her cousins. She managed to get in a few too and I was able to capture her with her little cousins. I grew up super close to my cousins and I am happy my little girl is getting the same experience.

These little men are two of four brothers. The older brothers are at an age where going out to a park for photo’s is not their idea of fun, so we force the issue in the Fall for Christmas card images.

I love this time of the year!

Enjoy :)

Surrey Family Photographer


I photographed this little bear cub a few months ago. He was so tiny! I have since seen him when I dropped their photographs off a few weeks ago and he sure has grown since these were shot. It is so amazing how quickly newborns grow from teeny tiny little humans into chubby alert interactive little people. It is so important to capture these little people within a few weeks of their birth because they really do change so fast.

Thank you for trusting me to capture Mr. O at his absolute smallest!

Langley Newborn Photography


A spontaneous capture of my lovey and her water loving dog Katie. Capturing real life as it happens.


Langley Lifestyle Photography


I am finally getting around to blog this sweet bright eyed baby girl. I photographed her all the way back in April! She was such an alert baby for a newborn and gave me eye contact, which is rare for such a young little lady. She was so adorable and had the most beautiful skin colour! Thanks for having me capture your first portraits little Miss!

Langley Newborn Photography


My little nephew turned one last month. He came over to the studio for a cake smash session. Initially he didn’t want anything to do with smashing the cake, he cried and was actually a little afraid of it, lol. He absolutely was not interested in getting his hands dirty either, but after he had a little taste he realized how delicious it was! He ended the session off quite enjoying himself and I think we captured some adorable shots of him.

Happy Birthday to my adorable nephew. Auntie loves you!

Langley Cake Smash Photographer